Adjustable fit, no roll-ups, lightweight design, and no one will notice that you’re wearing it. Transform your look and live life fully with loving self-care. It is the best waist trainer for weight loss and reducing back pain, while training your front, lower and oblique abdominals to give you those girly curves instantly.

Our top features
1.All TSOW garments come with copper infused fabric lining that makes the garment extremely comfortable due to the sweat absorbing property of copper. As such you can wear the waist trainer all day long to work, exercise and even sleep in it. The pain reduction capacity of copper helps with general body ache and makes the experience a pleasurable one.
2. Soft and sturdy steel bones mold your body to the hourglass shape. It also tones your abdominal muscles and strengthens and support your core muscles, there by helps in general body aches and back pain in particular
3. Frequent and consistent use of the trainer gives you permanent results. You will see a change after wearing it for an hour.

curvy collection

Your curves are sexy – there is no doubt. Our curvy collection embraces and enhances your curves. Stop hiding your beautiful body and show off. Start with the ultimate Buttlift- Suite. 

Curvy collection is specifically designed for anyone to instantly achieve the hourglass figure. This is made in such a way that the waist and hip are made in different sizes to get the perfect waist to hip ration (WHR) that is 0.6-0.8.
Buttlifting bodysuit
The unique features are
• Copper infused fabric lining that makes it very comfortable to wear with no itching or irritation. This absorbs the perspiration and provides pain reduction.
• The exceptional buttlifting feature keeps your rear end on point.
• The distinct hourglass design with tummy control narrows down your waist and flattens your abdomen and provides ample room for your butt and keeps it in shape without flattening.
• The big zipper at the bottom makes it easier to use the bathroom without the need to take off your clothes. This makes it very convenient during post op where you can keep your dressing in place and also while you’re wearing a body con dress.

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Our Top Features

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